You got a violation.  On the letter you received, it will explain the violation and a picture timed and dated showing the violation.  The letter will also include what needs to be done to resolve the violation.  If you feel the violation is an error or you need a plan to fix it, lets us know.  You can email  or call / text at 754-229-9984.  Please do not let the violation go beyond the time that was given or another letter will be sent. After the 3rd letter it will be given to the board to process to the Attorney.  This can be costly.

If you have corrected your violation, there will be a number on the left side of the violation.  You can fill out the form with the number and email address and we will respond that it has be closed out or if something needs to be corrected.

We are here for you and the keep The Gates of Hillsboro a nice communtiy to live in.

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Samples Of Violations and Days to Cure

  • Parking on Sidewalk 10 Days
  • Parking on the Yard 10 Days
  • Parking on Swale after 11:00 PM – 6:00 AM 10 Days
  • Landscape Maintence / Yard Repair 10 Days
  • Driveway Repair / Reseal Driveway 10 Days
  • Boats, Commercial Vehicles 10 Days
  • Rental Violations 10 Days
  • Roofing 30 Days
  • Painting 30 Days
  • Holiday Decorations 10 Days
  • Fence Repairs / Replacement 30 Days
  • Signs 10 Days
  • Trash on Drains 10 Days
  • Trash in Yard / Rubish Visable from the Street 10 Days
  • Trash Can Left Out / Bulk Trash to Early 10 Days
  • Political Signs 10 Days
  • Storm Protection Opening Accordian Shutters 10 Days
  • Storm Protection Panels Removal & Storage 10 Days